Gone Too Deep (Search and Rescue)

Gone Too Deep (Search and Rescue) - Katie Ruggle I would like to thank NetGalley for making it possible to read this book. And also, for SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca for permitting me read this book.

This was actually the 3rd book of the Search and Rescue series. And Ms. Ruggle did a wonderful job with this book.

The characters are interacting with one another. And most of all, George, who did not like taking to other people had a reason why he was like that. The way his story was written was really good. I like how Ellie talked her way though George's heart.

The over all plot is there. From the 1st book up to the 3rd. The clues are slowly being revealed. And the end of this book, it was nice that my suspicion was confirmed. It would be really nice to know how, from this point the story will proceed.

I look forward in reading the next book in the series.