Ready Set Rogue: A Studies in Scandal Novel

Ready Set Rogue: A Studies in Scandal Novel - Manda Collins So, it took me like a day to finish this and i truly enjoy this book. I was kind late for the review. i have to obtain the release material to read it in another format.

I love how this was made. As the start of a new series, it gave us an impression that each ladies will face difficult times ahead. So far, the plot of this was really unexpected.

I like Quill. I was about to dislike him, but the way he changed his heart and how the change came about was really good. There were more on Ivy's thoughts, but the way it was written was artfully entertaining. The crime behind the killings is something else too. I was sadden that the person involve was her, and the circumstances surrounding was too much.

In the end, everything went well. I look forward to the second book.