Prowled Darkness

Prowled Darkness - Carrie Ann Ryan I was able to read an ARC for an honest review.

Dante's Circle series... how can i explain thee?

Well, I can't...but i can express my love for this series.

This was actually the first series that i read that lead me to read Ms. Ryan's book. The writing was epic and the plot was superb. Dust of My Wings made me fall in love with this world. And as the series comes to a close, I will forever be grateful that I was able to read such a wonderful series.

Over all, this was a very quick read. Yes, i was able to read this under 3 hours..~ I am a fast reader~ but the whole story was not lost on me. I actually love how fast phased each of the books are. Then again, if you read the whole series, you have the actual background for each of the seven lightning stuck women. ~ Love that concept~

The love they have for each other and the complication each of them over had fits perfectly to the corresponding creature they have become.

Malik? I thought he will be a BA but, he wasn't, and i love how he had an about face so instantly. I as such a sweet moment for me. That i was crying on that part of the book. Eliana? she did what she had to do. And being a mother, that went thru the same events i should know how hard it was to carry a baby with some emotional baggage. The end result? A every beautiful story.

i would miss this world. But as one series closes, another one will open. I look forward to reading the rest of your books. Thank you.