Wild - Eve Langlais, A.C. Arthur, Kate Douglas Wiggin As I have previously read the first anthology of Eve Langlais Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur, entitled Growl, my question with their book was answered.

“Will there book succeeding books in line with those tittles or are they standalone?”

Here are my insights:

Catch a Tiger by the Tail

Is the continuation of the book Legal Wolf’s Mate , the end of the book is the start of this one. I really like the way this was written. A suave tiger and a woman that has tons of reservations, but in the end, everything worked just fine. I liked Brody. And to the fact that he is somehow kinda wacky in my opinion does not change the fact that his HEA is much more crazier than Gavin. Then again, their boos might be the one who put the him and his mate together, abet in a wrong situation. IT worked.

Wild Passions,we go back to the mountain resort, and this time, we have a bachelorette getaway. From the previous book, we know that some of the wolves in the story have mates, this time, almost all of them were able to be “pair up” with the one they are destined for. I love the side story though. It was something I was not expecting and I am happy that most of are mated.

Her Perfect Mates, we have another triad story. This time, I was not really expecting it. but the outcome is just the same. I had to read the other story just to remember who is who. But I really like how this was written. The flow and the way the previous characters were included in the over story was really good.

All in all, I cannot wait for the next book of these three. The way the flow of each story was written was beautifully woven. As a reader, you revisit the world of the last characters in the last book without permeable. And each of story you look forward to.