Lana and the Laird (Untamed Highlanders)

Lana and the Laird (Untamed Highlanders) - Sabrina York I would like to thank Annie Hulkower. She emailed me last March 3, and offered me a widget to read this book. I was really not expecting this opportunity. I requested to read Susana and the Scot, but I was declined. I was so shocked that I was given a chance to read the 3rd book of the series. And I must say, I truly enjoyed reading it!

As the last book in the series, It gives us a chance to revisit the past characters. This however was not the case.

The story itself took place along side book one and book two, so if you haven't read the last two books. you might have a hard time, placing the events within this book. And that was the best thing about this series. The time was so written in such a continues form that it gives us glimpse on the last scene of the last two book.. The narration was so hilarious at times that i really can't help but laugh.

I cannot express how much the lines on this book made me cry. There are times that i had to stop and breath because I was so touched on how the people treated the main Lana and Lachlan. And during the 1800's it was the way people look at thing were very different. The reality of their situation and how they accepted each other was the so touching. But the best part for me? the Dream Part. Yes, you need to read and buy this book to fully understand why i liked that part.

The perfect way to end a wonderful series. Good work!