Resurrection River: Men of Mercy, Book 2

Resurrection River: Men of Mercy, Book 2 - Lindsay Cross As, book two goes. This was made almost right after the events of book one. I cried along with the brothers when the news was delivered to them. It was such a heartbreaking incident. But as the opening of chapter one progress, I find myself, loving Ranger. The way he took care of Amy after the birth of the child and during the hard times. You can clearly see how much he loves Amy. And it so sweet that the line carried so much emotion that you can't help but to fall in love too.

Amy, on the other hand, was the typical hurting wife, a single mother, and a daughter-in-law that was hated by the mother of the her late husband. Her reaction during the whole story was really normal. And at some point,I get her emotion. Being in a dark place and having your love taken from you would make it so hard to function. Then again, she do love Ranger. Can we blame her? The fact that she tired so hard to be a perfect wife was one of the many reasons i like about her. She fought her depression. People may not call it that, but some depression does not need to be fully noticed, but it is there. Living day in and day out without fully living is one way to cope with the pain and the lost, but it is still depression. She fought it and came up with the person she love.

I was so surprise on the twist, I wanted to shout, but the way it played was really well written. Who would have thought that would happen...Then again was the reason i loved this series.

The epilogue was sad, and it was kind a cliffhanger for me, it was not the closure I was looking for, then again, I had to remind myself, "You are reading a series, so wait for the next book." Hope fully I can read how their lives improved...

I rate this 4.5.