Dark Alpha's Embrace: A Reaper Novel

Dark Alpha's Embrace: A Reaper Novel - Donna Grant I would like to thank St. Martin's Press, this chance to read this amazing series, also for NetGalley for featuring this book.

How shall i start? Frankly, the opening of the book was a bit confusing for me, There are some aspects that i was having a hard time remembering, and there were some scenes that was like a ~What was that again?!~ moment for me. Maybe because my expectation of the second book was high, and the hype that I had from book one was a bit to tame to as what I read.

Both of the characters suffered, which is the theme when it comes to this series,but what happen to this Reaper story was too much. ~No, i wont be saying who among the Reapers would have a chance to have a HEA, but the twist is really good!

That was the event that i was not expecting, So is Death. I love how she the plot around her reveals. I was kind hoping something between Cael and her would develop when I read book one, and it was here. I was not much, but it is there.

My expectation on how this series was a bit high, maybe because, book one had a very nice start. There were aspects in the frist book that I was expecting to be carried over to the next book, when i was not able to feel that same excitement, I was kind on the "meh" moment. But as i have told myself, each book is different. The 3rd book might be better.

More question, pops up. Who was the person that Bran kept in his prison. And Talin...what would happen to him? So is the Queen of the Light Fae...Then again, I have to remember that this is a part of a world. So, I need to read the coming book of the other world to know what will happen.