An Alpha's Choice (Talon Pack Book 2)

An Alpha's Choice (Talon Pack Book 2) - Carrie Ann Ryan All in the name of love...

Won an ARC so this will be an early review. How much death can one man take? in this case, wolf? For those who read The Redwood Series, you would know what i am talking about. From the moment these two people saw each other there was this intense attraction that was inevitable. But Fate, as they say, is fickle. From Brynn's struggles to Finn's determination to form the Mating Bond, this book will be loved because of the story it's represents. Hope.

The characters tried their best to ignore what is happening, thus hurting them self in the process. The way the story was laid out was made reader want to throw and kiss the book at the same time. Keeping them on their toes. Though now, I'm no my toes waiting for Ryder's story.

Death. Hope. Determination. Love.

Those are the four words i can share that describes this book.