Wicked Ride

Wicked Ride - Rebecca Zanetti I remember when I started reading Ms. Zanetti's books. I was intrigue on how the books were written, and I faithfully read some of her books. My favorite series was the Dark Protectors. I love how this was written, and i was near mad of waiting the last book of t he series...and she delivered...Beautifully I might add.

And now, a spin-off to my favorite series? I have to read them! Hence, i did. Wicked Ride was published last year, yet I only read it now because i would have to wait for another book to be released. But, since I am part of Rebecca's Street Team, i need to be on the same page as them. We had a book discussion last Friday and this was the boo, unfortunately, i wasn't able to read it. So i had to and i did.

I love how this was written. The writing style stayed the same, and i got a blast reading about The King, Emma and the rest of the previous people from the original series!

Kellach, from the moment I read about him, i feel in love. And when this book was written, i was so happy that he will finally have his own HEA! However, i did not expect it to be a cop! It was really such a wonderful read. The lines were beautifully written. The emotions were portrayed in such a way that the reader would really feel what the characters are feeling. The drama within the books is true, though. And as i was reading it, i wanted to hurt that man.

Ms. Zanetti, again gave us a very wonderful book that we need to watch out for. The plot, the characters show another world on how the Immortals cope with mere humans. I would gladly wait for the rest of this series!