Dark Alpha's Claim: A Reaper Novel

Dark Alpha's Claim: A Reaper Novel - Donna Grant St. Martin's Press gave me permission to review this book, via Netgalley.

This is another one of those series, within the series. Ms. Grant did an amazing job when she created this series. The timing was impeccable, with what is happening to the Dragon Kings, Dark and Light Fae, this is one great tipping point.

The characters were given a very unique out look, Death and the Reapers, I was supersize who Death was and the possible paring...with the main story, simple yet the element if ensnaring the readers are there. What would happen? Will the half-Fae Prince be safe? What about those half bloods, will they be safe?

Another layer, another great series to wait for. I can't for the next book.