Hunted by Darkness (Darkness Series Book 4)

Hunted by Darkness (Darkness Series Book 4) - Katie Reus I would like to thank KR Press, LLC for the chance to read one of the series that I like. Also, for NetGalley for making it possible.

I had to re-read the whole series just to read this book. Namely because the last time I read this series was On May 2015. I did not know that there would be another book. Luckily, I try to keep up with the series that I read. I was actually supersize that i was able to give a review on this wonderful book.

I have always liked the overall theme of the Darkness series. Each book had a different race, but this time, it's a Half demon-human which is Bo, and half fae and god,~which makes Nix a demigod. From the start of book three, there was a definite chemistry between the two, and i love that they were able to have their own HEA.

Over all. the book was really great. The past characters of the first three books are there. The interaction was really good, I love how Petronilla parents acted toward Nix. For the way the lines were written, they saw Nix more like a daughter rather than someone they owned debt with. Which is really good. Bo's family really grew, in literary sense. Who would have thought? Then again, the way he treated people around him was really sweet.

However, several questions pops as I close this? What will happen to Liberty? Will the last sibling of the Petronilla family would have a HEA? How about Victoria?

Love this book! Can't wait for the next book in the series.