Campbell's Redemption

Campbell's Redemption  - Sharon Cullen ARC was permitted by NetGalley to read the last book of the Highland Pride series, together with Loveswept.

Truthfully speaking, the last book left hanging. Yes, Iain finally has his own HEA, but the overall ending of the whole this was unsolved. Somehow, I felt that there should be more. I felt a bit cheated because, other than liking the romance behind every book I read, I also like the overall theme. And sadly, this one left me looking for more.

On the bright side, I like Iain enough. I mean he was there since the start of book one and I was really hoping that he will eventually have his own. I did not imagine that his counterpart would have a mixed blood and both have shun her due to her past choices.

Cait , oh the sadness I felt when the story on how she lost the people that she love was so heartbreaking. And the way the past was retold was really so painful. However, I do understand where she stands, and I admire her for it.

The way both people are bought together was simple enough, the same with the other things. The simplicity of the story makes it good and worth it.

I may rumble about it’s ending, but if I were to ask if I will read it again? The answer is yes.
Hence, giving it 4 stars.