Tempting Isabel (Paradise South Book 1)

Tempting Isabel (Paradise South Book 1) - Rissa Brahm How to start? I was supposed to write a review for this book like weeks ago. But books got to me and I totally forgot about it. Until I got an email remanding me that I have a book at that I have a book that I need to review. So, I read it using Readium. And after a day, I finally finished with this book.

Honestly, it was a mixed feeling when I was reading the book. The narration was a bit confusing. And I had to re-read some of them back to fully understands whose thought I was reading. But as I progress, I fell in love the plot of the book.

Isabel, as far as she knows has a long line of bad luck since she was small. And it caused her to protect her heart and the people around her from getting hurt. I honestly do not believe that she was cursed, but I was crying on the part on her memories Sebastian. It was such a painful moment that I cried when I was reading that part.

Zack? He had the opposite for her curse. He had infinite luck but as he said, there was a hollow felling inside him. After what happen to him in the past, who can blame him? But I love how he persisted when it comes to his feeling for Isabel.

I love the way their thoughts and their lines were delivered. Even the conflict within the story and how it was resolved had a good ending. I was just so sad about Isa losing her best friend.

The last chapters? I was about to lose my mind! I was like “Oh, NO!” then when I read the rest of it I was so effing crying! It was too much!

The ending? It was good, but I was kinda hopping for more. Then again, the revelation was so unexpected that it made me cry again.

The plot was good the characters are also good and so it the conflict. Somehow, I felt that I needed something more at the last part of the book.

Anyway, Good read! I gave 4 stars!