Strong Silent SEAL

Strong Silent SEAL - Paige Tyler So… I would like to thank Ms. Paige’s editor for the chance to read this advance ARC of the book. Yes. My review is a bit late…handling too many online English test class would do that to you…

Anyway . . .

The second book of the series is about Logan. And the way it stared pretty much like any other SEAL story that I read. A mission. However, this mission is connected to the events that will lead our hero to find the person that he is to share his life with.


Let me tell you, being in Felicia’s shoes is was a bit hard and the opening on how they met was as dangerous as the first part of the book. But once you get pass it, the way it was written was really nice. I like how each of the Team responded to each other and how the women console Felicia. They consider her as part of the family and it was something that was really heat warming.

With the part of the sister, I was pissed. Truly pissed, okay so something bad happen but at least have the courtesy to tell the person that cared about what is truly happening. I hated that part of the book but it was a necessity.

The ending was good, but I felt that there should be more. Then again, book three will be out so, it’s okay.

Love this series! Thank you for writing it! Looking forward to book 3!