Mated in Mist

Mated in Mist - Carrie Ann Ryan Ms. Carrie Ann graced me a chance to read another one of her books! I was able to read the An Alpha's Choice (Talon Pack, #2) because of her. And now another great book!


But man i really hate how the human mind works...reading makes me realize that the world we live in may not consists of just "You". there are ~even though it might not be true~ other among us. we just need to respect and understand them.

If you read the last book of the series, The Unveiling has already happen. And the way the witches were shown to the public was a mite brutal. After all, they were trying to safe their lives, but the masses do not know them.

There are parts of the books that made me cry. Especially when Leah father was saying, I wanted to personally kill the guy! I mean!!! Okay, it's getting on my nerves. That is how effective Ms. Ryan's books is. I can still feel my animosity towards the guy...JERK!

The over all story was really good. Who would have thought that the Heir would have that power? ~Sorry guys! yo need to pre order and read it to know that I am talking about. I was a twist that i wan't expecting.

The story of the next book was again introduced. So, you better watch out!

I do not want to go in depth with the book. But i can guarantee that you will really fall in love with the characters.

Again, this is one amazing book. Or rather, the over all series is amazing!

Thank you for the chance!

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