Ghostly Seduction

Ghostly Seduction - Desiree Holt The plot was kind spooky but it was really good. Too bad that it was a really short read. The way the characters came into each other was really unconventional for me. If they were shifters, i would understand, but them being humans? I was really new to me.

I love the fact that the two girls in the story, ~albeit only one of them had a very hot erotic dream~ they were really good. The reality that two of the writing convention in a hunted hotel was good. The main guy having the typical doubts blended well with how the plot was created.

I would love this even more if it was a full novel. I felt that there are should be more. There are questions that popped after I have finished the book. Some of them were: How were they picked? And is the hotel really hunted? Why do they had to do it in a dream? and if the did do it in the flesh would it be better?

Yeah i know, I am just a sucker for HEA, but reading a short story, and knowing that there are "What ifs..." does not stand well for me.

Anyway, I would give 4 start namely because I love how the ending came about, and the hot scene was really so good.