Dangerous Protector (Red Stone Security #14)

Dangerous Protector (Red Stone Security #14) - Katie Reus I would like to thank NetGalley and KR Press, LLC for making it possible for me to read the newest book in the Red Stone Security series.

Once again, Ms. Reus wrote a book that is full of action and love that it is truly addicting!
I love how Aaron interacted with his son, and how he handled what happened after what happened to his wife. I can see where he is coming from. But his attraction to Tegan was something he was not expecting since he got hurt. And I truly love how this was written!

Tegan. I love her character she is strong but soft at the same time. I love how she rescued Kali and you can really see how much the dog means to her.

The main plot was good, but there are times that I wanted to hit someone due to it. I mean there were this ~”really?!” moments for me. But I love how everything worked out for them.

If there is book 15, I will definitely read it!