Wicked Edge

Wicked Edge - Rebecca Zanetti “Does anything happen in slow motion when you’re around?”

As I read this line on the last chapter of this book I cannot wipe the smile off my face. There are some words that I would like to let out before the actual review…
Astonishing! Awesome! Bravo!
There are lots of words that are floating around my head but, I’ll have to settle for those three.
As I have said before, The Realm Enforcer Series is a spin-off from the Dark Protector. If you are not aware of some of the names you need to read them in order to understand the schematics of the people in this world.
Ms. Zanetti just keeps surprising us. Who would have thought of such a paring? It was one brilliant idea, and the whole book was full of action and laughs. Yes, I laugh, and cried. But more importantly, I fell in love all over again.

Cee Cee, ~ I will not divulge on who she really is, but I can tell you she is one heck of a woman! The description of Daire for her fits like a tee and her story was really touching. I love her struggles and the reasons behind them. Her reasoning, plans and her thoughts, each aspect of this character was so profound that there are parts of the book that I cannot help but cry. Ms. Zanetti was able to reach out and bring fort how a woman like her survive. And I am greatly touch by her character.

Daire on the other hand was supposed to be the rational one of the Dunne bunch. Being the oldest and all, but everything when south when he met Cee Cee. The way his point of view was written was so impulsive at the same time rational you cannot really understand his true intentions. But once the smoke clears, his world began to tilt towards Cee Cee. I love his alpha moves, but I love how much Cee Cee does the thing to him! And let’s face it, he was caught in the web as soon as he saw her. I cannot help but remember the type of woman he wanted when he was talking to Kellch mate. Boy he was sooo wrong!

The beauty of this book actually lies on how Cee Cee fight and fall in love. On how a man like Daire does the same. There are no words on how I would really describe this book. The amount of action was so “action packed” that I was about to jump out of my seat when they happen. And the love scene…man oh man!!! Give me someone like him!

I look forward to book three…I am sure we will not be disappointed. Another characters another facet of life. Now my question would be…Will Bear have a story? How about Garret, Logan and Sam? Stay Tuned!