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Dangerous to Know: an unbroken heroes novel

Dangerous to Know: an unbroken heroes novel - Dawn Ryder Very good!

Dark Panther (BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance)

Dark Panther (BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance) - Catherine Vale It was okay...

I'll give it, 3.5 . Namely because, good characters, but it was kinda hurried for me. Would have been better if the ex died. But, heck, I wish there was more to it.

The Protector: A Sons of Texas Novel

The Protector: A Sons of Texas Novel - Donna Grant I had a hard time reading this book...mainly because, i want to read the eldest brother book...

however, i like it.

More to follow.


Lucifer - D.B. Reynolds As a follower of this series. It is truly safe to say that this one really rocks! I mean wow! Who would have thought of such an outcome! I love it! Looking forward to the next book.

Hard to Handle (Gargoyles Series)

Hard to Handle (Gargoyles Series) - Christine Warren ~ARC was provided via NetGalley for honest review.~

As the 5th book of the Gargoyles Series. I find this good. Good in terms of the continuity of the story so far. We are given a chance to look at how the other characters for the previous books are faring. So far, everything and everyone of them are doing their best to destroy the Darkness.

This book in particular? I find it so-so. The level of excitement I feel whenever i read one of Ms. Warren'd book was not there. The way Ash was created was something but there was a missing link or a missing emotion as I read the book. The love story between Drum and her was pretty good. However, let's just say that i got used to the way she wrote "Others."

I miss the lines. I miss how her characters came to life by the lines they say to each other and to the people around them. Yes, this is a complete different story and plot, but the narration of both of the main characters left me wishing for more.I feel as though more should be said between Ash and Drum.

The fight scenes? Wow those were intense! I liked it. The details were good that I do not want to imagine what their opponent looked like. I feel as though I will have nightmares for the next few days if i do.

All in all, the book has its up and downs. But it does not demote it. It give us readers reasons to see how will it address, and how will the next book fare. I for one, would gladly wait for the next one.

Ready Set Rogue: A Studies in Scandal Novel

Ready Set Rogue: A Studies in Scandal Novel - Manda Collins So, it took me like a day to finish this and i truly enjoy this book. I was kind late for the review. i have to obtain the release material to read it in another format.

I love how this was made. As the start of a new series, it gave us an impression that each ladies will face difficult times ahead. So far, the plot of this was really unexpected.

I like Quill. I was about to dislike him, but the way he changed his heart and how the change came about was really good. There were more on Ivy's thoughts, but the way it was written was artfully entertaining. The crime behind the killings is something else too. I was sadden that the person involve was her, and the circumstances surrounding was too much.

In the end, everything went well. I look forward to the second book.

Blown Away

Blown Away - LJ Vickery Waiting for the Next book. Will it be Absu?

Her Rogue Russian (Karev Brothers Book 2)

Her Rogue Russian (Karev Brothers Book 2) - Leslie North Things are heating up!

And i have never thought that the oldest would be that sweet! Gosh those rare moments! How I love it!

Her Relentless Russian (Karev Brothers Book 3)

Her Relentless Russian (Karev Brothers Book 3) - Leslie North ~ARC from NetGalley.~

The third book of the Karev Brothers comes to a conclusion as to whom killed their father.

The over all series was really good. It started with the younger brother, the oldest, then the middle. As the story progress, you can see why it was written that way.

Dmitry's wife died, 5 years ago. The event gave him the reason to leave the Mafia life. However, the death of his father and his love for his sibling still made him part of the mafia he wants to leave. Harper in the other hand is someone that I would truly want to meet. Her wit and the way she dressed up everyday was something to look forward to while i was reading the book.

The plot was easy and not too complicated. As the first series that i have read from this author, i look forward to reading the rest of her books.

Wild Kisses

Wild Kisses - Skye Jordan ~NetGalley provided an ARC to review this in advance.~

Book two starts pretty hot. The thoughts of Trace was so hot that it could melt the polar caps in Antarctica, the same can be said to Avery. Both are equally attracted to each other, but the situation they are in are somehow not favorable. An ex-con and a newly divorce woman, both are trying their best to pick themselves up from what ever hardship that made them the way they were. And from my POV, both of them are meant to be,

I love how it continues, how the lives of people that were on book one is presented. I love how it was made. How Trace his best to be the man he once, but still becoming more stronger that he was. I love Avery, for her strength, her willingness to risk her heart, and her love for baked good. Yes, I love that part. I was one of those reasons why i read this in one day.

Wild Kisses shows us that we can live our life no matter how the past colored us. The past is there, but it is the present that counts. People will look at it, but if you do your best to be the person you want to be and not the person that everybody thought you were, then you will live a good life. There maybe people that will try their best to judge what you were, but in the end, its more about what you believe in.

I look forward to the 3rd book. I wonder, how will Ms. Jordan present the 3rd sister?

Electric (The Bay Boys #1)

Electric (The Bay Boys #1) - Emilia Winters I am finally finished with a book that deeply affected in every sense of the word. In every page that I read, in every event that happened to the characters.

I have like, commented on every bad thing Luke did, and cried when he did something Kate was not expecting.

This is a book about healing. How one tries to open, how one tries to understand, and come to terms with his feeling. I love how this was written. How the events were stitched together. The pain, the healing, and the love was so beautifully crafted,it made me smile till the very end.

I will not delve on the plot, that is for you to decide. However, I assure you, if you want a good romance book, with some hotness, together with an alpha man. This is it. You will be surprise why I gave this a five-Star rating. Even I wasn't expecting the book will be this good.

Looking forward to book 2.

Highland Vixen

Highland Vixen - Mary Wine its good. but the number of events taking place made my head spin.

more to follow.

His to Seduce

His to Seduce - Elena Aitken love it!

Saved by Darkness

Saved by Darkness - Katie Reus another great book! more to follow

Dare You to Run

Dare You to Run - Dawn Ryder This is the second book of the Unbroken Heroes, and man, if Romeo and Juliette were to plotted in modern times, this is one good setting.

The intensity of the story was too much, that I find myself crying several times. I love the the way the lines of both main and secondary characters were said. Those rare funny moments between sibling and team mates. The way the action was written, the thought of the antagonist, they were so good.

Cannot wait to read Saxon's book. I would love to see him eat his own words. I wonder, what will Kagan, Thais, Vitus, and Bram will say once the mighty have fallen...

Unbroken Heroes features a black ops team that operates between black and white. For them there is only a shade of gray. However, when this group of people fall, they will stay and hell be damned.

Good Vampires Go to Heaven

Good Vampires Go to Heaven - Sandra Hill love it because of the puns!!

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